November 12, 2018

Bojan Krkic Official Site Review About the Greatest Lost Spanish Promise

Bojan Krkic Transfermarket

On September 1, Alves had a great pint. He had returned to first Division combining some young players with a lot of projection that had been transferred to Vitoria, and the result was more than excellent, with guaranteed permanence and a runner-up of Copa del Rey, the first in its history. Mauricio Pellegrino said after that he was for personal reasons, but the club reacted quickly and relied on another young Argentine, Luis Zubeldía and returned to create a template based on the same the previous schemes: good footballers transferred. And at the end of the market, the feeling was satisfaction. Now, in January, after four coaches, two of those signings will leave or have already left. One is Enzo Zidane, already at Lausanne; Another is Bojan Krkic, about to be returned to the Stoke City.

Bojan Krkic Highlights

Bojan is no longer a kid. It is 27 years old. Everything that could have been for football should have been longer if we stick to the expectations that were created in the lathe to figure in the two years following his appearance in the first team of FC Barcelona. Bojan came to be a version 2.0 of Raúl, Messi in the Balkans. With 16 years already marked goals with the boat that won European cups and leagues, with 20 sat to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He played 163 matches of Barça, and he asked one and again why not playing more, what did wrong for that Guardiola will not put so much as he had been Rijkaard. Perhaps Guardiola saw in him what little they had seen other technicians who have trained him in all these years that has never enjoyed soccer…

The ultradense is stalled nearly seven years ago, falling in the quicksand of the football market and so far could not find its place in any place, in any country, and has tried in other three different from ours, to go back home, to Spain, where felt foreign once again. “They did not give me enough opportunities to show what I have inside and that hurts, but I am aware that in part I consider myself privileged to have been part of this great team that has made the Club the best club in the world.” Very young my dream was to triumph at Barca. I got it, but for situations, I can not continue here”, he said in his day after leaving the club.

Such was the caliber of the emergence of Bojan, the selection of Vicente de el Bosque premiered their tactic of ‘host’ with him. What is this tactic? Incall a footballer young with a high projection to make its debut with the senior team in the official party and ensure its future as Spanish and prevent the other country that can represent you. It happened later with Munir the Haddadi this hot topic (Morocco), Rodrigo Moreno (Brazil) and Marco Asensio (Netherlands), for example. It played the 25th minute against Armenia in Albacete and never again know the first Spanish team and international football at the highest level. Serbia wanted to recruit him until Spain did, but there was no way to convince him, and now, nine years later, Bojan is not playing a competition of Nations.

Bojan Krkic Barcelona

Bojan y Guardiola durante la temporada 2010-11. (EFE)

Bojan and Guardiola during the 2010-11 season. (EFE)

Bojan played the best boat of the story, another homegrown that appeared from the sinking ship B, but not the same batch which ascended with Guardiola. It wasn’t his fifth, he was even younger than all of them, Busquets and Pedro, but wasn’t his litter, was a former, was premature. Too much perhaps, for which burned before none. Tired of Guardiola, he went to Rome to the refuge that granted Luis Enrique, which premiered as a professional trainer dress ‘might.’ They said that in Trigoria Totti had welcomed him with open arms, was as his disciple. And incomprehensible way, played a season virtually all parties and they threw it to Milan.

Da same age that you have when you arrive in Milan, signed by the ‘Rossoneri’ club is the assumption that the career of one is not going in the right direction. Milan was conceptualized a long time as a cemetery of elephants, and dozens of players who have passed through this place have lost time in their careers. To Bojan happened too, of course. Go to the Milan, the Milan wandering in the desert, eventually divert to Bojan. Then repurchased it the boat, which had kept the option. He did not believe in him. It was then the Tata Martino on the computer, and the last thing the Argentine wanted was another upset youth squad with the involution of the team.

Thence to Ajax to be reconciled at least with the style of football that he recognizes, the Dutch school of Barcelona. It also served as much. It proved in England, in a club just based football terms in opposite to the Ajax, the Stoke City, real English game where Bojan had his moments of greatest recent lucidity, greater stability… and the worst injury of his life. The knee was broken when he was better. The immediacy of football not allowed him to recover and find its place, Stoke was already thinking about other things. Sent to Germany, to Mainz, where he only played 11 games. On its return, the Stoke still did not want him for anything, and Alavés borrowed it is. Alavesa directive now believes that it would be good to return to save his huge salary. To see who wants now to Bojan… Seeks club where sit head and be happy again.